ZOLEO Global Satellite Communicator -

The ZOLEO Global Satellite Communicator is an SOS and SMS communication device for hiking and exploring in Areas without cell service. You can't make a call, but you can definitely send a text to your person(s) or send an emergency SOS. Check in daily or however often you choose, in connection with the Smartphone app. The product does not include, but does require a subscription service. Features of the ZOLEO Global Satellite Communicator SEAMLESS GLOBAL MESSAGING: ZOLEO works with your Smartphone/tablet to extend messaging coverage to everywhere on the planet. Uniquely ZOLEO provides a seamless messaging experience as you travel in/out of cell coverage -- because only ZOLEO transmits messages via satellite, cellular and Wi-Fi -- so you can always count on your connection. IRIDIUM CONNECTED: When cellular/Wi-Fi coverage is unavailable, the ZOLEO satellite communicator connects with the app on your phone to transmit messages via the Iridium? satellite network ? the only satellite network that provides coverage everywhere (no gaps!). PROVIDES A DEDICATED NUMBER: Your ZOLEO device includes a dedicated ZOLEO SMS/text* number and email address that you can shAre with contacts, and that they?ll recognize when you message them. (*A Canadian or US number is provided.) FREE ZOLEO APP(MADE FOR IPHONE AND IPAD,COMPATIBLE WITH ANDROID): The key to all the awesom -


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