YUM Yumbrella Flash Mob Junior with Willow Blades - $13.49

Bass and stripers often feed on big baitfish, but sometimes a smaller offering gets more attention. The YUM Yumbrella Flash Mob Junior is a multi-lure rig that's smaller than the full-size rigs used with great success by many anglers in summer and winter. Flash Mob Junior is most effective after the baitfish spawns, when big, bulky rigs get ignored. Not only is this lure smaller but it's equipped with 4 flashing blades. Flash Mob Junior is a 5-wire, downsized Yumbrella rig with 4 spinning blades positioned midway down its outer arms. Light enough to be fished on any equipment, this lure is effective on largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass, crappie, white bass, stripers and just about any other predator fish. Rigged with curly-tail grubs or other, smaller lures.Big flashy profile in a small package. Downsized, 5-wire Yumbrella rig with 4 blades. Stainless steel wire and durable connections. Mimics a small school of baitfish. NOTE: Check your State's Fishing & Game regulations before using an umbrella rig. Some have restrictions on the number of hooks or baits per line. - $13.49


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