YUM Thump'n Dinger - Black/Blue - $3.19

Designed with a hard, U-shaped tail, YUMs Thumpn Dinger works well both Texas rigged or as a swimming worm. Thumpn Tail produces a panicky swimming motion and a vibrating, thumping sound that makes bass strike. Per 10. Size: 6. Colors: (110)Black, (144)Green Pumpkin Neon, (308)Green Pumpkin, (602)Watermelon/Red Flake, (604)Junebug, (621)Black/Blue Flake, (641)Red Bug, (673)Black/Blue Laminate, (674)Watermelon/Pearl Laminate (681)Pearl/Silver Flake. Color: Black/Blue. Type: Worms. - $3.19


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