Yukon Tracks Original Alaskan Leather Hat - $34.99

Yukon Tracks Original Alaskan Hat. For arctic exploration, or just ice fishing down at the lake. Keep warm this winter! Imagine an isolated scientific station, separated from the world by mountains of ice and deadly sub-zero temperatures. Your only human contact, a rickety, crackling radio set. And the room is a little drafty to boot. You'd be a frozen popsicle at this point, if not for the cuddly soft Yukon Tracks Original Alaskan Hat covering your noggin. The human body loses 80% of its heat out of the head, and this genuine rabbit-trimmed Hat keeps essential warmth sealed in tight. Keeps you cozy on ice fishing trips, skiing the slopes or just enjoying nature, too. Into the deep freeze: Sewn buttons on each side allow for radio-hole flaps to be worn up or down Rabbit-fur trim is the real deal, nothing beats its softness Leather exterior Warm quilted lining Snap forehead flap, earflaps can be worn up or down using a snap-lock buckle. State Color and Size, as available in the Shopping Cart. - $34.99


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