XPS by Fisherman Eyewear Wave Polarized Sunglasses - $19.99

Wave goodbye to the days when you walked to the water without the advantage of polarized sunglasses. XPS by Fisherman Eyewear's Wave Polarized Sunglasses not only look great, but are designed to maximize your ability to clearly see water depth, current seams, structure and fish. The Waves feature lightweight, scratch-resistant polarized lenses which filter 99% of reflected glare and deliver 100% UV protection for an optically correct, eye-comforting view. The Wave's comfortable wrap frame design provides additional protection from the elements, while ensuring you look and feel as good as you perform on the water.Lightweight, scratch-resistant polarized lenses. Eliminate 99% of reflected glare100% UV protection Wrap-style frame design About your XPS lenses: Gray is ideal for bright sunny days and open-water fishing. Gray lenses transmit all colors of the spectrum so there is minimal distortion. Brown is considered by many to be the best all-around tint for fishing. Great for shallow water stream and flats fishing in medium to bright light. - $19.99


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