Worth Anchormate and Anchormate II Sets - Stainless Steel - $59.99

The Anchormate and Anchormate II will accommodate about 150 feet of 3/16 nylon rope (not included) and anchors up to 18 pounds. The bow fixture utilizes an exclusive lift-over arm which pulls the anchor into a horizontal position for a snug fit and reduced line tension. Anchor Reel and Bow Fixture Set are included. Rope not included. The Standard Anchormate Set has a free-spooling reel that stops when the anchor hits bottom, or when you release the button. To reel in the anchor, simply crank the handle. Made from heavy-gauge steel. Roller is made of self-lubricating nylon. Line capacity of approximately 100 feet of 3/16 braided rope. Anchor Reel and Bow Mount Set. Rope not included. Available: Anchormate, Anchormate II, Stainless Steel Anchormate II. Color: Stainless Steel. - $59.99


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