Work Sharp EDC Sharpeners - $7.99

Theyre so compact and portable, yet the Work Sharp EDC sharpeners deliver big benefits to the knives you own. On one side of the Micro Sharpener Knife Tool theres an Angle Guided medium-grit diamond surface to restore a sharp edge to any knife. On the other side, the fine-grit ceramic rod puts a razor-sharp finish on already sharpened blades, or it can help sharpen and maintain serrated blades. This tool also provides a bit driver and 3 Torx bits (T6, T8, and T10) to tighten the most common screws found on knives. Put the Work Sharp EDC Micro blade sharpener and tool in your tackle box, ruck bag, tool chest, or kitchen drawer and in time youll see how useful it can be. From hunting knives, to fillet knives, to kitchen knives the Pivot Plus Knife Sharpener features a Work Sharp-exclusive Convex Carbide sharpening system creates a convex edge, which cuts smoother and cleaner, and it holds its sharpness for a lot longer. Also Work Sharps innovative Pivot Response technology adds a responsiveness to the abrasive surfaces that actually follows the curve of a blade during sharpening which provides more sharpening control and it makes sharpening tasks quicker and easier. Pivot Response, if you wish, can be locked out for less material take off during sharpening. This portable handheld tool features 2 sharpening stations: 1 with medium grit diamond plates for sharpening a wide range of blades and the other with fine-grit ceramic rods to finish and hone your blades into a razor-sharp work-ready edge. These ceramic rods are also great for restoring serrated blades. - $7.99


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