Worden's Lures Lil' Corky Bodies - Chartreuse - $5.79

Salmon, trout and steelhead readily pick up Lil Corky Bodies as they drift by. They imitate stray eggs as they wash downstream and with their vibrant colors also evoke curiosity bites. Use them by themselves or in combination with roe, sand shrimp or other bait. They also can work as a strike indicator for fly fishermen. Each floats easily to stay in the strike zone. Available in a range of fish-catching colors. Per 25. Sizes: #8, 1/2 #10, 3/8 #12, 5/16 Colors: (027)Pink, (051)Nightmare, (085)Lime Chartreuse, (166)Flame Chartreuse, (223)Luminous, (273)Fluorescent Chartreuse, (402)Clown, (652)Double Trouble UV Black, (676)Misty River, (674)Metallic Silver Pink Chartreuse, (726)Glitter Firetiger, (791)Nickel Plate, (796)Glitter Chartreuse, (800)Rocket Red. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Bodies. - $5.79


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