Wise Emergency Food Supply Grab & Go Breakfast Bucket 120 Servings - $214.99

Love breakfast? Then youre sure to love the Wise Grab & Go Breakfast Bucket! It features 120 total servings, with a mix of delicious, filling Granolas and Cereals. They all come packed in mylar pouches inside a Grab & Go bucket that truly lives up to its name if you need to head for the hills!25-year shelf life120 total servings31,000 total caloriesEasy to prepare... just add boiling waterUSA madeIncludes 20 mylar pouches in a Grab & Go bucket5 pouches Strawberry Crunch Granola (20 total servings)5 pouches Brown Sugar and Maple Multi-grain Cereal (40 total servings)5 pouches Crunchy Granola (20 total servings)5 pouches Apple Cinnamon Cereal (40 total servings).Order your Emergency Food now... you never know when you'll need it!Please Note: sorry, no returns unless truly defective. - $214.99