Winchester 1100 Rifle (Remanufactured) - $69.99

Winchester 1100 Rifle. Sharp-shooting power and fun, for a reduced price! BIG BUCKS OFF! Take aim and pull the trigger on this amazing deal! Using .177 alloy pellets, this Winchester Rifle delivers a resounding 1,100 F.P.S. muzzle velocity against targets, small game and pesky varmints.Weighty heft and balanced feel for easy use by both air fun experts and newcomers alike. These Rifles were originally returned to the manufacturer and restored to like-new condition. This rifle is coming with a 4x32 fogproof and shockproof air rifle scope. All the performance at less than HALF the original price... BIG BUCKS OFF!Please Note: This may be shipped as synthetic or wood stock. Sorry, no choice. !!! Limited Quantities !!! - $69.99