Williamson Speed Pro Deep 160 - Purple (6 1) - $12.99

A high-speed trolling specialist. The Williamson Speed Pro Deep 160s auto-tune free-moving line-tie design is self-centering, automatically aligning the lure for consistent action at trolling speeds up to 15 knots, with optimum action at 6-10 knots. At 15 knots the lures smooth swimming action allows it to be fished on lighter line, even with a light drag setting. Comes equipped with heavy-duty oval split rings, heavy-duty VMC Perma Steel hooks and laser-cut plate hook hangers. Per each. Sizes: 6-1/4, 2 oz., dives 12-18 ft. 7, 2-1/2 oz., dives 15-20 ft. Colors: (001)Green Mackerel, (002)Bruised Purple, (003)Blue Sardine, (004)Red Head, (005)Ayu, (102)Purple Mackerel, (928)White Tiger. Size: 6 1. Color: Purple. Type: Crankbaits. - $12.99


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