Wiley X Tobi Active Series Polarized Sunglasses Silver Flash Lenses / Gloss Black Frame - $119.99

Wiley X Tobi Active Series Polarized Sunglasses. Stay-put protection at its finest. Get out there and do what you love with the confidence that your shades can keep up! Tobi Active Series Sunglasses feature rubberized inserts that keep 'em firmly in place... so you get lightweight protection and polarized performance in a non-slip fit that won't let you down.Get Active:Sized for medium-large faces Polarized silver flash lenses are Wiley X's darkest lenses, and feature a Z-oxide mirror coat over smoke-colored lenses. Excellent performance on bright days. Light transmission: 10% Shatterproof Selenite polycarbonate lenses are made from one of the world's most impact-resistant materials Filter 8 polarized lenses for 100% polarized protection and 100% ultraviolet protection Rated as OSHA-grade occupational protective eyewear. - $119.99


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