Wiley X Eyewear Climate Control Series Polarized Sunglasses - AirRage698 - $150.00

Wiley X Climate Control Series sunglasses feature patented removable facial cavity seals that block out all peripheral light, allowing the Filter 8 polarized lenses to work at peak performance. These foam gaskets block out wind for a secure fit when running a boat in open throttle and greatly reduces eye fatigue.Wiley X is a U.S.-Veteran owned company that stands for High Velocity Protection: every pair is certified ANSI Z87, which means occupational-grade eye safety. Wiley X's advanced 8-layer polarized lenses, innovative technology, and nearly indestructible construction make them the choice of elite fishing pros and NASCAR racing stars. Wiley X has been standard issue gear for America's elite fighting forces for over 21 years.Removable facial cavity seals Filter 8 polarized lenses ANSI Z87 certified for occupational-grade eye safety. Durable construction Manufacturer style #: 698.About your Wiley X lenses:Blue Mirror (Green) lenses are ideal in bright conditions. The mirrored surface absorbs reflections to diminish glare. - $150.00


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