Wiley X Climate Control Series WX Gravity Polarized Sunglasses - $150.00

Wiley X Climate Control Series WX Gravity Polarized Sunglasses feature a soft, breathable, patented removable Facial Cavity Seal that blocks out all peripheral light for the ultimate sight fishing advantage. This foam gasket blocks wind for a secure fit when running a boat in open throttle. Filter 8 Polarized models cut glare off the water, blocking 100% of UV rays and allowing you to see fish and underwater structure much better. In addition to the Facial Cavity Seal that seals out light and wind while reducing eye fatigue, the Gravity feature virtually unbreakable Triloid nylon frames and shatterproof 8-layer polarized lenses. Like all Wiley X eyewear, they are certified ANSI Z87.1 as OSHA safety glasses to protect your eyes from hazards, on the water or off. Wiley X WX Gravity Polarized Sunglasses include Facial Cavity Seal, a leash cord, a case, a cleaning cloth, and a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Size: M-L.Shatterproof 8-layer polarized lenses. Patented removable Facial Cavity Seal seals out light and wind. Virtually unbreakable Triloid nylon frames. Exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2003 high-velocity impact safety and optical standards. Rated as OSHA-grade occupational protective eyewear. A global leader in producing standard issue military eyewear for over 25 years, Wiley X is the only premium brand that certifies all of its glasses to ANSI Z87.1-2003 high impact and optical standards. This certification qualifies every pair as OSHA occupational grade eye protection/industrial ?safety? glasses. Innovative technology, and nearly indestructible construction make them the choice of elite fishing pros and NASCAR racing stars. - $150.00


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