White River Fly Shop Classic and Classic Small Stream Complete Fly Outfits - $199.99

We've overhauled our hardest-working White River Fly Shop Classic Series Fly Outfits from top to bottom. In addition to speeding up the rod actions, we've added models and freshened up hardware and components. Handle style varies depending on model. On Standard outfits, our Classic Large Arbor Fly Reel utilizes the best elements of a large arbor chassis, while providing the generous backing capacity for traditional Dacron braids. The rugged frame and spool are forged and machined rather than die cast for optimum rigidity. An in-line multi-disc drag is enhanced by a 1-way roller bearing, and features a precise 720? range of adjustment.Our Classic Ultra-Light Fly Reel is the reel chosen for Small Stream outfits. Less than 2.5inch in diameter, the cold-forged machined jewel is surprisingly rugged. A spring tension click pawl provides enough resistance to prevent overruns while remaining lightweight and reliable. Anodized pewter color finish and rimmed spool. Standard Classic Fly Rods come in 4-pieces and cover traditional lengths in the 3?8 weight range, ranging up to 9'. If you like dry fly fishing, there are some inchblueprintersinch here. Small Stream Classic Fly Rods range all the way down to 2-weight sizes. These come in 3-pieces and range from 5' 6inch to 7' 6inch lengths. These models feature a inch. Cigarinch handle.All Classic Complete Fly Outfits include a Classic Fly Reel, fly line, backing, and leader.Classic Large Arbor Reel features:Forged, machined aluminum frame and spool. Precise 720? range of adjustment1-way roller bearing. In-line multi-disc drag. Classic Ultra-Light Reel features:Perfect for the smallest fly rod. Less than 2.5inch in diameter. Weight: 2.4 oz.Cold-forged and machined aluminum. Rod features:4-piece Standard models3-piece Small Stream models. Speedy actions. Deep blue blanks - $199.99