Western Wood Mini Logs - Charcoal - $16.99

The ideal barbecue fuel for large smokers. These miniature wood logs are a great way to add wood smoke flavor when cooking on large grills and smokers. The larger size lasts longer than chips or chunks when cooking over an extended period of time or in greater quantities. 100% natural, the logs are kiln dried to reduce moisture content for faster starting times. Logs are approximately 6 to 8 long. Can be used in charcoal grills and open fires as well. Approximately 40-lb. bag. Available: Mesquite, Hickory, Apple. Recommended instructions: Build a pyramid of wood logs in the grill and ignite. Once the logs become red-hot coals, place food on the grill. Always use BBQ tools for safety. Check your grills instruction manual before using. Color: Charcoal. Type: Charcoal & Wood Smokers. - $16.99