War Eagle Double Willow Spinnerbait - $7.49

War Eagle Custom Lures are balanced to perfection and ready to perform properly right out of the package. And this Double Willow Spinnerbait will quickly earn a spot high on your go-to list. The two willow-leaf blades present a silhouette similar to fleeing baitfish. They offer plenty of flash, but not as much vibration as Colorado blades. These spinnerbaits also have a hand-tied silicone skirt, a Sampo swivel and a Mustad Needlepoint hook. Per each. Sizes: 3/8 oz., 1/2 oz., 3/4 oz. Colors: (001)White, (005)White/Nickel, (013)Sundance, (014)Blue Herring, (015)Coleslaw, (016)Chartreuse, (017)Copper/Peach/Copper, (020)Firecracker, (056)Gold Shiner, (133)White/Chartreuse. Color: Willow. Type: Spinnerbaits. - $7.49