Vortex Viper Rifle Scopes - $499.99

Effortlessly shrug off problems on the hunt with recoil, moisture, and low light by putting one of Vortex's Viper Rifle Scopes on top of your hunting rifle! The Viper's premium, fully multicoated optics deliver up to 95% light transmission to give you a clear, bright view. Extra-low dispersion (XD) glass lenses boost resolution and color fidelity for crisp, sharp images. Armor. Tek scratch-resistant coating on the exterior lenses protects against scratches, oil, and dirt. Precision Force spring systems ensure trustworthy repeatability while the Precision Glide erector system provides smooth magnification adjustment and change through the harshest conditions. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum with o-ring seals, the strong, single-piece body design maximizes alignment for optimized accuracy and view. Argon gas purged for fog- and waterproof performance. Easily accessible while in the shooting position, the Viper's side parallax knob helps you set the optimal image focus and remove parallax, while keeping range numbers visible. Tall capped turrets allow quick 1/4 MOA field adjustments. Second focal plane reticles maintain their scale as you change magnifications to match the situation, keeping listed reticle subtensions used for estimating range, holdover and wind drift correction accurate. Dead-Hold BDC reticle models feature subtension marks measured in MOA to help eliminate guesswork on holdover and windage corrections.High performance line of rifle scopes for a wide range of hunting needs. Fully multicoated optics with 95% light transmission. Extra-low dispersion glass lenses - high resolution and color fidelity. Precision Force spring systems - trustworthy repeatability. Precision Glide erector system - smooth magnification adjustments. Aircraft-grade aluminum tubes - strong single-body design. Argon gas purged and o-ring sealed - fog- and waterproof. Side focus knob - remove parallax while keeping range numbers visible. Tall capped turrets - quick, 1/4 MOA field adjustments. Second focal plane reticles - maintains reticle scale through changing magnification - $499.99