Valley Screwdriver Set 10 Pieces - $19.99

10-Pc. Valley Screwdriver Set. The perfect starter kit! Nab this 10-Pc. Valley Screwdriver Set for an instant tool box upgrade. Includes 5 sizes of both flathead and Phillips screwdrivers. A perfect addition to your garage, workshop, bug out bag, truck, and more! Features: Chrome vanadium blades Hardened tips Super grip handles for comfort Includes storage case for easy transport and storage Included slotted Screwdrivers: 1/4" x 1/2" (38mm) 5/32" x 3/8" (60mm) 7/32" x 3" (75mm) 1/4" x 5" (125mm) Included Phillips screwdrivers: #2 x 1/2" (38mm) #0 x 3/8" (60mm) #1 x 3" (75mm) #2 x 4" (100mm) #3 x 5" (125mm) Order yours today! - $19.99


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