Umpqua UPG Fly Box - Large - $39.99

Umpaqua's UPG Large Fly Box is designed according to the demands of professional fly fishing guides for ruggedconstruction, quality performance and plenty of storage capacity. The lightweight, but durable see-through plastic case keeps weather and water out. Storage volume is double that of similar largesized boxes. The Fly Trap foam holds flies securely, while the Zerust treatment prevents rusted hooks. Ideal forbig dry flies and streamers, this fly boxoffers extra clearance room for bulky fly patterns. The protection, capacity and sturdy craftsmanship featured in Umpqua's UPG Large Fly Box ensure that anglers can carry all the right flies in one box. See-through case for quick fly identification Seals keep out water Fly Trap foam holds flies tightly Zerust protects hooks from corrosion Large capacity box holds up to 732 flies . - $39.99


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