Uberti Reproduction Leech & Rigdon 1851 Navy .36 Black Powder Revolver - $339.99

Uberti Reproduction Leech & Rigdon 1851 Navy .36 Black Powder Revolver. A fitting tribute to the finest Confederate-made Colt! Identical in almost every way to the Colt 1851 Navy, the Leech & Rigdon 1851 Navy was the Confederate counterpart to the legendary pistol. We're happy to tell you that the legend lives on with this faithful, premium-quality Reproduction from Uberti, the premier name in historical recreations. It's faithful down to the last detail, with 7" barrel, gorgeous 1-Pc. walnut grip... even the original weight! It's powerful and surprisingly accurate, an absolute hoot to shoot, and guaranteed to impress as part of your collection. If you're looking to scratch your classic shooting itch, you will absolutely not be disappointed.Details:Caliber: .36 Barrel material: Blued steel Barrel length: 7" Barrel twist: Left Number of grooves: 7 Grip: 1-Pc. walnut Cylinder: 6-shot engraved Trigger guard: brass Frame: Steel, case-hardened Backstrap: Brass Total length: 13" Weight: 2 lbs., 10 ozs. - $339.99