UA Rumble Polarized Blue Multiflection(TM) Sunglasses - $139.99

Polarized lenses provide high-glare reduction and true color recognition in bright-light conditionsMultiflection(TM) lens coatings eliminate visual obstructions by repelling water and resisting scratching, smudging, and stainingArmourSight(R) lenses deliver 20% more undistorted peripheral vision, and are 10X stronger than ordinary polycarbonate lenses for ultimate durability and performanceSunglasses built with 3-point grip and soft, adjustable nosepad to ensure comfortable, secure fitAdvanced cushion hinge absorbs shock so you can keep moving without distractionLarge frame provides maximum coverage with aggressive styleAll Under Armour(R) Performance Eyewear lenses block 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC raysImported - $139.99