Hornady Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant - $1,249.99

Turn your reloading bench into your own personal ammunition manufacturing facility with a set up that can crank out more than 500 rounds in an hour. And youll save money compared to buying the components in this combination separately. Includes: L-N-L AP Progressive Press Hornadys auto-indexing, five-station progressive press has a Lock-N-Load Quick-Change Bushing System for switching all your dies without changing the die head. Change a single die, or all of them with one quick twist. Die platform uses standard dies. Most 7/8-14 dies and powder measures work. Included Lock-N-Load Powder Measure uses quick-change metering inserts that can be reset to another charge or powder with the push of a button. Load calibers from pistol through most magnum rifle loads. Case-activated powder drop ensures a charge is dropped only when a case is in place, and it can be operated manually for inspection. Automatic indexing smoothly advances cases through each stage. Priming system is easily changed from large to small primers. Universal case retainer spring allows quick removal and replacement of cases at any stage in the process. A large cartridge catcher collects completed rounds. EZ Ject System ejects completed rounds automatically with 100% reliability. Teamed with the Automatic Case Feeder, you can reload hundreds of rounds per hour. Dies and shell plate not included. L-N-L AP Press EZ Feed Pistol Bullet Feeder When teamed with a Lock-N-Load Case Feeder, this device can increase your handgun cartridge production up to 50%. The die is case activated so the bullet feeds on contact with the case. This is achieved by a dual-collet design that allows the bullet and collet to work concurrently for consistent bullet feeding. Setup and caliber changes are fast, easy and require no special tools. Only works with jacketed or plated pistol bullets. Requires bullet feeder d - $1,249.99


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