TruGlo Carbon Hybrid Micro Bow Sight - $99.99

Enjoy top durability, precise adjustment, and bright Tru. Glo performance in an ultra lightweight, multi-pin archery sight with the Tru. Glo Carbon Hybrid Micro Bow Sight. Utilizing Tru. Glo's TRU-FUSION HYBRID TECHNOLOGY, this sight combines carbon composite and aluminum to give bowhunters an optimum strength-to-weight ratio, unparalleled durability, and less vibration. Sight also features a unique metal pin design for increased durability and brightness with extra-long fibers for maximum brightness. Micro-adjustable windage and elevation helps hunters fine tune the sight precisely. Sight also offers an extra-long bracket for an increased sight radius and reversible bracket design for additional vertical adjustment. Five .019inch pins. Fits both right- and left-handed setups. Manufacturer model #: TG7515J.Optimum strength-to-weight ratio in a multi-pin bow sight. TRU-FUSION HYBRID TECHNOLOGY - perfect blend of carbon composite and aluminum construction. Great durability with less vibration. Precise micro elevation and windage adjustment. Five .019inch pins - strong metal pin design. Extra long fibers for maximized brightness. Extra long bracket for increased sight radius. Reversible bracket for increased vertical adjustment range. For both right and left handed shooters - $99.99


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