Truck Covers USA American Roll Cover - Rust - $1,595.99

Truck Covers USAsAmerican Roll Cover fits every truck model sold in todays market. By reducing drag, cover can increase gas mileage 7%-10%, giving you another excuse to take a road trip. Uniquely engineered to adapt to roll bars and accommodates both factory and aftermarket accessories. Machined out of lightweight aluminum with double-wall design, the low-profile cover alone is able to support over 500 lbs. 8L x 8W canister is constructed of heavy-duty galvanized sheet metal. Retractable cover is tension-driven for ease of movement, and has an automatic stop-and-lock point every 12, customizing your truck bed and keeping your load safe and secure. Finished with a durable and sleek textured powder coating for an attractive appearance that reduces scratching. Flex-tube four-way drain system and wider side rails seal out the elements to prevent rust and mechanical malfunctions. Easy to install. Color: Rust. Type: Bed Cover. - $1,595.99


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