Tru-Fire Hurricane Extreme Release - Buckle Strap - $44.99

The Tru-Fire Hurricane Extreme Release jaws open when you depress the trigger and close when you let up. Uses a free floating, self-centering steel roller that doesn't slide over the jaws, but rolls along the inside instead. Heat-treated jaws and triggers are Teflon coated for years of dependable use. Adjust for trigger pressure. Releases with a nylon Evolution buckle strap that's fully adjustable for length, 10 holes for a perfect fit, and a no-stretch buckle. Takes only 3.5 oz. of pressure to fire a 70-lb. bow. Made in USA.Manufacturer model #: HC-EX-B.Tru-Fire Releases increase arrow speed and improve accuracy, providing a smooth, quiet, consistent release with every shot. Dual caliper jaw and 360? head rotation to virtually eliminate string torque. Super-wide mouth for quiet, easy loading - automatically open, load, and lock onto string! Hardened steel firing components with adjustable tension trigger pull. For right- or left-hand archers. - $44.99


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