Traveller TrI - $199.00

Sea to Summit's Traveller is cut a bit larger, making it a roomy solo sleeping bag. The full zipper allows it to be opened up and used as a quilt. The Traveller weighs very little and backs down small, leaving plenty of room in your backpack. Filled with 750+ loft Ultra-Dry Down, the Traveller is an ideal summer outdoor bag, year round indoor bag, or hostel/hut/hotel travel companion. The fully opening zipper can be used to zip another Traveller model for times when you're not alone. The large will comfortably accommodate two people when used as a blanket or comforter. Cut with a slight taper, this bag offers decreased weight and bulk without greatly reducing the overall blanket size. The drawcord foot and collar can be closed to seal in heat and create a mummy shaped bag. - $199.00


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