TRAC Portable Bilge Pump - $29.99

The TRAC Portable Bilge Pump is a great little self-priming, centrifugal pump that's ideal for use in Jon boats, utility boats, dinghies, inflatable boats, and other small watercraft. The TRAC Portable Bilge Pump also makes a perfect backup pump in case of emergency. Use this trusty workhorse for removing fluids in many non-marine applications, too. Take it anywhere! Powered by 3 D-cell batteries, this pump has a 3/4inch x 36inch hose that wraps around the pump for easy storage, is submersible, and can run dry without damaging the pump. Includes suction cup or screw mounts for easy placement, and a clip to secure the hose to the transom.This Bilge Pump was tested by members of the North American Fishing Club with great reviews and ratings of Good and Excellent for Performance, Convenience, Ease of Use, and Effectiveness among other test criteria. Patent pending.Manufacturer model #: T10023.Submersible. Powered by 3 D-cell batteries250 GPH flow rate at zero head. Wide strainer base adds stability. Suction cup or screw mount. Runs dry without damage. Includes clip to attach hose to transom - $29.99