Tony Lama Black Cherry Caiman Cowboy Boots Black Cherry - $409.99

Tony Lama Black Cherry Caiman Cowboy Boots. Properly handcrafted in the USA, with exotic caiman leather... and you'll only find 'em here! Tony Lama footwear, of El Paso, Texas, has long been known as the pinnacle of Western quality and style. Since 1911, they've been making boots a cowhand can trust, and take comfort in. Today, they're among the most world-renowned...and with beauties like these, it's no wonder why! Black Cherry Caiman Cowboy Boots aren't just "made," they're crafted from top to bottom, down to traditional construction. With only the finest materials... like premium caiman belly leather. The look, the comfort, the quality... it's all top-notch. Traditional Craftsmanship Makes All the Difference. These were crafted using proven techniques... techniques that modern manufacturers forego in favor of cheaper methods. For example, the outsoles are actually hand-pegged at the heel... not sewn or nailed. It's an intensive process that can only be done by skilled craftsmen, and only by hand, but the result is a better boot, plain and simple. A Sportsman's Guide Exclusive. We worked closely with Tony Lama's design team to create these handcrafted Boots. You won't find 'em anywhere else, and once our limited quantity is gone, it's gone for good... so if these strike your fancy, get 'em now while you still can! The genuine article: Premium leather shaft with Western stitch-detailing Exotic caiman leather foot Handcrafted in the USA, with a double-row of hardwood pegs holding the outsole to the Boot... the mark of authenticity and quality in Western boots Genuine leather outsole of premium leather for longer wear Single welt construction Leather-lined 1 1/2" heel with rubber cap Spur shelf Square toe Handcrafted in the USA Each approx. 12"h., 27 ozs. For a night on the town, the county fair, and special occasions of all kinds... you can't beat these. Order today! !!! Limited Quantities !!! - $409.99


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