TM10 Hat - $54.95

The TM10 Hat by Tilley is light weight, cool and comfortable because the crown is made of strong 3D polyester mesh which blocks sunlight, but allows air to pass through easily. The mesh has also been treated to provide water repellency. The tops of the crowns are shaped like many fedoras or western hats and their shape isn't lost after washing. The 100% cotton duck brims block sunlight. Tilley Mesh Hats have been tested and certified as having a UPF 50+, the maximum UV protection rating given. Its designed to be worn low on your head and slightly loose. It should be held on by gravity, not by painful pressure on your forehead. For the proper fit, you should be able to easily insert two fingers, flat, between the middle of your forehead and the front of the Hat. The Hat should be loose enough that you can rotate it to the left and right, and lift it up and down, without friction on your forehead. When its windy, use the cord. - $54.95


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