Tiemco TMC 811S Hook - $24.99

Tough, extra-sharp, and heavy enough to get below the surface film. The Tiemco TMC 811S is a favorite tying hook for many saltwater fly patterns, from Clousers for salmon to a number of proven bonefish and permit flies. Also preferred for some freshwater applications such as pike streamers and heavy-duty bass minnows. The Tiemco TMC 811S is a chemically sharpened, extra-strong, standard-length stainless steel hook with a straight eye and low-profile barb. Pack of 25.For saltwater and heavy-duty freshwater fly tying. Ideal for many bonefish, permit, salmon, pike and bass patterns. Standard length, straight eye, low-profile barb. Extra strong stainless steel, chemically sharpened. Pack of 25 - $24.99


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