The North Face McMurdo Down Parka - Men's - $214.47

Despite borrowing it's namesake from a community in Antarctica, The North Face Men's McMurdo Down Parka was really designed to survive a winter in the suburbs of Minneapolis, because Minnesota could be the coldest place on Earth. Cut-long, insulated with down, and finished off with waterproof-and-breathable fabric, this hooded jacket takes the bite out of bitter weather while you wait for your fifteenth bus of the day. Good thing you stashed plenty of snacks in the insane array of pockets inside and outside this jacket, but what's with all the people trying to talk to you on the corner' Obviously they're attracted to the sweet faux-fur trim around the McMurdo's hood, and who wouldn't be' It has that diamond-encrusted-pinky-ring type of class. - $214.47