Teva Nilch Water Shoes Black - $38.95

Minimalist protection is the name of the game with the Nilch. Blending all of the benefits of minimalist construction with full foot coverage, the Nilch gives you the feeling of complete freedom without sacrificing the all around security of a shoe. Freedom and security at the same time; maybe the airlines should take notes.Key Features of the Teva Nilch Water Shoes: T.I.D.E. GRIP Our Spider Original rubber grips like crazy in wet environments Just 6mm of material between your foot and the ground lets the Nilch flex and bend naturally with you We figure that Mother Nature knows what she's doing, so we made the sole of the Nilch mimic the human foot as closely as possible, giving you an incredible sense of the earth T.I.D.E. HYDRO The Nilch's sole is designed to grip in both wet and dry environments, making it a great shoe for anything you do around the water A stretch mesh upper dries very quickly in the sun The Nilch's monosock construction keeps annoying rocks and sand out of the shoe T.I.D.E. COMFORT The minimal architecture of the Nilch makes you feel like you're wearing nothing at all, which everyone knows is a great feeling An EVA strobel insole gives you comfort without hurting the Nilch's flexibility Lightweight full foot coverage protects your feet without weighing them down SPIDER ORIGINAL: A lot of people ask why we named our original rubber compound after one of the creepiest creatures on the planet. In response, we ask them if they've ever seen a cute puppy climb up a completely vertical, soaking wet rock. No? We rest our case. - $38.95