Tecomate Chestnut Bounty Deer Attractant - $14.99

Bring more deer in today by appealing to the whitetails' instinctual desire for chestnuts with Chestnut Bounty Deer Attractant from Tecomate. A former #1 food source for whitetail deer, chestnuts are the most nutritious of all mast crops, offering more calories than corn, high in Vitamin C, and lacking any bitter tannins like acorns. A great attractant for use around trail cameras, Chestnut Bounty delivers fast response from deer anytime and anywhere from hungry deer. 5 lb. bag.Manufacturer model #: 400.Chestnut-flavored and based deer attractant. Appeals to deer's instinctual desire for chestnuts. Great attractant for use around game cameras. Delivers fast response - anytime, anywhere - $14.99