Tactical Walls Concealment End Table - $495.00

Tactical Walls' Concealment End Table is a staging solution which does not require any wall installation. It is hand made with a U.S. sourced maple wood table top and legs, and features a clean and elegant design that will help you hide your valuables in plain sight. Unlock your table by placing your magnetic keys on (2) locations on top of the table, and tap the bottom of the table. The bottom drops and the tray slides out, proudly presenting your hidden cache. Customize your foam to suit your needs. The customizable medium density polyurethane foam insert is 14a ^2 x 11 3/4a ^2 x 1.5a ^2. The usable space inside the storage compartment is 14a ^2 x 11 3/4a ^2 Mfg: Tactical Walls - $495.00


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