Tactical Walls 1440 Hinged Mid-Length Concealment Mirror - $489.00

The 1440HM (Hinged Mirror) MAKES WALL SPACE MUCH LESS OF AN ISSUE than ever before. This hinged unit allows you to install it free from impediments such as outlets, switches, picture frames, door molding, etc. when opening/closing. This makes finding a place to mount your mirror much easier. Like the 1450 Full Length Mirrors, the 1440 Mid Length Mirror provides one large hidden compartment hiding behind a classically designed mid length wall mirror. This home defense solution is recessed between 16" on center studs and requires a hole in your wall. The compartment is 14a ^2W x 40a ^2H x 3.5a ^2D. To open the 1440 Hinged Mirror, simply disengage the hidden lock wit Mfg: Tactical Walls - $489.00


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