Swix Oval Medium Bronze Brush 2017 - $59.95

After scraping, you need a good brush to for brushing wax out of the base structure. As used in our shops, the Oval Medium Bronze Brush is the go to choice for many wax techs. The Medium Bronze Brush uses .15mm diameter bronze fibers surrounded by a ring of blue nylon fibers, and can be used immediately after scraping or as a second step after using a steel brush. The decision to use or skip the steel brush is strictly personal preference. If you use both brushes, about 10-15 passes with the Medium Bronze Brush will be sufficient; if used alone it may take a few more passes to get the skis ready for your finishing brushes. Oval Shaped Brush with Hand Strap, Recommended: 10 to 15 strokes after using a Steel Brush, more if used as the first post-scraping brush, 0.15 mm diameter Fibers, Shape: Oval, Bristle Type: Metal, Model Year: 2017, Product ID: 178414, Model Number: T0162O, GTIN: 7045951415155 - $59.95