Swamp People DVDs - Gold - $8.88

Season 3: The gator gold rush is on in season three of Swamp People. With Delta waters and gator prices higher than ever, Troy Landry, Clint, RJ and Jay Paul, Junior Edwards, his son Willy, and many others stalk the Atchafalaya Swamp hunting for the biggest, baddest beasts around. For generations, the resilient Cajun people have transcended it all, but as the old Bayou saying goes, A gator doesnt get big by being stupid. Six DVDs. 968 minutes. Season 2: Sprawling over a million-acre swatch of southern Louisiana, the hidden world of the Atchafalaya swamp is a place where nature rules and history is alive and well. Master gator hunters Troy Landry and Junior Edwards return for a second season, thrilling audiences with their exciting Cajun style of life deep in the bayous. Danger and heart-pounding adventure abound along with their rich language, food, music and generations of shared family experience of life in the swamp. Watch as a colorful troupe of characters uses techniques dating back to the frontier days to help them live off the land, catching everything from frogs and squirrels to raccoons and great American alligators. Whether theyre traveling the dangerous swamp by airboat, battling gnarly storms to snag monster gators with their bare hands or frogging by the light of the moon, the folks on Swamp People are making history every day. Four DVDs. 700 minutes. Color: Gold. - $8.88


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