Suunto A-30L Compass - $21.95

The affordable Suunto A-30L compass offers accurate navigation for hiking and orienteering in a compact size that's easy to use, even in poor visibility. Typically found only on more expensive models, the luminous bezel with markings in 2deg increments is easy to read in the dark. With a 4.5 x 2.2 in. baseplate, this compass is small enough to ride unnoticed in a shirt pocket, yet still includes a magnifying glass, control marking holes and inch scale. Fixed declination correction scale accounts for the difference between magnetic and true North; compass is magnetically balanced for the Northern Hemisphere. Liquid-filled capsule, tungsten steel needle and jewel bearing help to provide accurate readings. The Suunto A-30L compass includes a lanyard with a locking clip for quick on and off. - $21.95