SURE-LOC Lethal Weapon Red 5-Pin Bow Sight - $399.99

Packed with sight alignment technology and ultra-precise adjustment capabilities, the Lethal Weapon Red 5-Pin Bow Sight from SURE-LOC combines Retina Lock technology with multiple precision adjustments. Retina Lock technology helps ensure better downrange accuracy on longer shots, while the sight's 6inch adjustable extension bar makes it easier to position the scope housing to match your peep for even more precise alignment. Packed with .019 fiber optics, this sight features 5 stack tight pins to give you precision targeting over a range of distances. 3rd axis adjustment, 5-axis micro adjustments, and micro adjustable pins that can be moved either individually or as a group deliver precision adjustment you just don't get from an everyday sight. Laser-engraved indicator marks provide instant visual references for adjustment, erasing any doubt about your sight settings. Sight also features a built-in 8mm sight level, gravity drop adjustment, reversible windage offset, and a SURE-LOC sight light. Quiver compatible mount.Manufacturer model #: SL13211.Ultra-precise 5-pin bowsight with top alignment and adjustment technology. Retina Lock Technology - great sight aligning sensitivity6inch adjustable extension bar - position scope housing to match your peep sight5 stack tight pins with .019 fiber optics - micro adjustable. Pins move individually or as a group3rd axis adjustment and 5-axis micro adjustments for ultra precision. Laser-engraved indicator marks. Built-in 8 mm sight level. Gravity drop adjustment. Reversible windage offset. SURE-LOC sight light - easy to see pins, even in fading light. Quiver compatible mount. Retina Lock. Retina Lock instant feedback Technology helps eliminate the accuracy problems caused by a slightly torqued bow or misplaced anchor point, helping you sight in true on every shot. This system uses a moving dot to help you ensure perfect sight alignment as you sight in, helping you develop better muscle memory, form, and consistency to shoot longer distances with tighter groups. - $399.99


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