Sufix Performance Braid Fishing Line - 300 Yard Spool - $34.99

Tested and proven under tortuous conditions, Sufix Performance Braid with exclusive Y6 Digital Braiding Technology has emerged as one of the strongest, toughest, best performing fishing lines ever offered. Built with the high strength and durability needed for the toughest offshore battles and the unique handling features required by fresh water and light tackle anglers, this legendary braid handles beautifully in all conditions. 300 yard spool. Benefits of Sufix Performance Braid: Tough, durable finish withstands the perils of structure that damage ordinary lines. Ultra-thin diameter line leaves the spool smooth and straight for long accurate casts. Small diameter and superior strength make Performance Braid a natural for spinning reels. Virtually zero stretch-the energy of your fishing rod is transmitted directly to the lure with minimal loss - $34.99


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