Strike King Pro Model Crankbaits - 8XD 10XD Series - $15.99

Bass anglers on the hunt for monster bass should arm themselves with big baits. Baits like Strike King's Pro Model Series 10XD deep-diving crankbaits with free-floating rattle chambers. At six inches (including lip), the 10XD will dive to 25 feet on 14-lb. fluorocarbon line. That means an angler will be presenting this bait to fish he could not previously reach. Surprisingly, it casts and pulls rather easily considering its size. Phil Marks, the lure's designer, says that the 10XD's size, depth capability, and action appeal to big bass. Marks recently gained national acclaim after winning the FLW Tour Open on Sam Rayburn Reservoir using the 10XD.Striking finishes. Free-floating rattle chambers. Emits varying sound frequencies - $15.99


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