Storm WildEye Live Mackerel Lure (5) - $11.99

Take on your favorite saltwater species with the highly realistic WildEye Live Mackerel. Natural color patterns, a lifelike swimming action, and holographic swimmin' flash foil combine to make this lure highly effective. Strong soft body with internal lead head. Secure I-Bolt system holographic WildEye. Rigged with a superior VMC needle-point hook. Sizes: 3 , 1/2 oz. (5-pack) 4 , 3/4 oz. (5-pack) 5 , 1 oz. (4-pack) 6 , 1-1/2 oz. (4-pack) Color: Mackerel. Size: 5. Color: Mackerel. Type: Rigged Plastic Swimbaits. - $11.99