Stoney-Wolf Feeding The Addiction With Geoff Nemnich Coyote Dvd - $14.99

Follow Geoff Nemnich across the scenic and coyote-rich states of Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado on over 30 hunts. Guests include his 3-year-old son, an 80-year-old coyote-calling addict, an Iraqi-War veteran awarded a Purple Heart and Mr. Predator, Byron South. Watch as the camera captures high-definition footage of coyotes charging into the call. Many calibers are used during the hunts including shotguns, AR-15s and even suppressed rifles. During each hunt, youll get all the vital statistics like time of day, sounds used, time on stand, wind direction and speed, caliber and bullet type, moon phase and shot distance. Geoff also breaks down many of the hunts with tips and information on why that hunt was successful. Three detailed instructional segments discuss maps and finding places to hunt coyotes, sounds selection and sound sequences, and incorporating an e-caller and decoy into your setups. The end of the video includes 35 kills as well as all the entertaining misses. Whether youre a coyote-hunting veteran or just looking to get started, this video has something for you. 162 minutes. - $14.99