Stoney-Wolf Calling Predators with Byron South DVD - $7.88

Calling Predators is the latest DVD from the Coming to the Call Series and Byron South. In this DVD, South revisits his other DVDs and reiterates and expands on what he believes would help new callers the most. This DVD consolidates many tips, tactics and several heart-pounding hunts. South covers a variety of topics and also answers many of the most frequently asked questions new callers have. Topics include: Choosing stand locations, use of hand calls, use of electronic calls, rifles, shotguns and optics. There's also all-new footage from hunts in several states Canada, California, Idaho, Nevada, Texas, and Louisiana and different types of habitats. Don't miss the bonus chapter that features Byron and his wife calling in and taking two large alligators. 2 hrs. 45 mins. - $7.88


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