StingRay XRIII Hydrofoil Stabilizers for Boat Motors - $129.99

A unique coating process, Speed XP,bonds to the base material of the Sting. Ray XRII hydrofoil Stabilizer. Acts like a microscopic sponge when wet and binds a thin layer of water to the surface, creating a dramatic reduction inhydrodynamic drag, greatly improvingperformance. NO-DRILL mounting. Installs in about five minutes with only a socket wrench and a Phillips screwdriver. The marine industry's only vice-lock, 3-point locking system; No measuring or layout templates and no drilling holes mean no damage to your engine.Best top speed. Controlled thrust cone and rooster tail results in improved forward thrust. Fastest holeshot. On Plane up to 50% Faster. Reduced Bow Rise. Eliminates Chinewalking. Stops Porpoising. Wipes Out Cavitation. Delivers True Stabilization30%-40% Fuel Efficiency Increase. Aids in Pulling Skiers. Reduced Hydrodynamic Drag. Improved Top-end Speed. Better Fuel Efficiency. VISION-3 Enhanced Styling. Speed. Cap Hardware Covers. Sting. Ray XRIII Junior available for 40 - 75 horsepower. Sting. Ray XRIII Senior available for 75 - 300 horsepower. Made with SPEED-XP - $129.99


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