Sounds of the Wild: Desert - $18.95

From the Grand Canyon of Arizona to Death Valley in California, the desert is a remarkable place. Though some may imagine this habitat as desolate, uninhabited, and eerily quiet, the truth is that many animals make their homes in these arid lands--and they make quite a bit of noise! Kids can meet these creatures in Sounds of the Wild: Desert. Theres Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, which is known for its stunning scenery and large diversity of birds, such as the bluebird, robin, and swallow, and their songs. In Petrified Forest National Park, kids can hear the clicks and whistles of bats, the bleats of toads, and the bark of the pronghorn, the fastest land animal in North America. And in the Rio Grande Basin, its the squawk and screech of the harris hawk and the hiss and growl of the ringtail cat that echo through the air. With stunningly beautiful illustrations by acclaimed illustrator Maurice Pledger, Sounds of the Wild: Desert is the perfect book for every child curious about these unique places. - $18.95


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