Sniper 17' Instinct Ladder Stand - $199.99

Sniper 17' Instinct Ladder Stand provides comfort, safety and stability. Rock-solid. Tall. And strong! From the experts at Sniper comes the Stand you need to sit like a king. Easy to get in / out. Perfect for rifle and bowhunting use, as the shooting rail flips up and out of the way. Discover the "eagle-eye" advantage!Details:38 x 14 x 15"h. seat with attached backrest Seat cushion: 36 x 13 x 1"h. Backrest cushion: 20 x 20 x 1/2"h. Adjustable support bar and fasteners Steel construction 55 x 12"d. curved mesh platform 9" min. tree diameter 2 safety harnesses included Maximum weight capacity is 500 lbs. 17'h. to shooting rail. Weighs 95 lbs. - $199.99