Sniper 16 1/2' Vector Ladder Stand - $109.99

Sniper 16 1/2' Vector Ladder Stand sports a deep mesh platform for added comfort and safety. BIG BUCKS OFF! "Is that a trophy buck by the tree line?" Get ready. It could be your key shot. After glassing the area, it turns out to be sticks blowing in the wind. Shucks! But you'll be ready next time, 16 1/2' up (to the shooting rail) on this topnotch Ladder Stand. If you're a bow hunter, just flip the padded shooting rail up and out of the way for a clear shot. You'll dig this Stand for years of deer hunting.Built right:Rugged steel construction Mesh platform is 23 x 30"d. and has built-in footrest Padded seat: 23 x 15 x 17"h. Backrest: 23 x 11"h. Designed for wide stance Fasteners and support bar included Safety harness includedWeighs 58 lbs. - $109.99


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