Smith Creek Rig Keeper - $21.95

The Smith Creek Rig Keeper is the perfect solution for anglers who want to fish with pre-made tandem rigs. The Rig Keeper has enough space to hold up to eight nymph, dry dropper, or streamer rigs. Its exposed ribs protect your flies and keep them from getting hung up and tangled, no matter where you store the system. It has multiple attachment options so that it can be worn on a zinger, clipped to a D-ring, or stuffed in a pocket. The Rig Keeper helps you reduce the amount of time you spend rigging and increase the amount of time you spend putting your flies in front of fish. Exposed ribs protect flies Holds up to eight tandem fly rigs Micro slit foam insert keeps tag ends held tight Cable attachment point clips to almost any vest, bag, or pack . - $21.95


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